The aim of the seminar series is to introduce the participants directly to the general developmental processes. Also, it will strengthen their ability to recognize early signs of emotional disorders and disturbed relations from their beginning, before they become deeply rooted in hard to change models of behaviour.

The seminars will take place on Zoom platform once a week and 80 minutes of duration. There will be two seminar groups, each with maximum 6 participants.


Dr Tanja Nešić is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist trained at the Tavistock Clinic. Prior to training as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist she trained as a Clinical Psychologist. She was the Head of Service and Clinical Director within NHS CAMHS over many years, being responsible for the delivery of child psychotherapy services in five CFCSs covering a large geographical area. She is currently working as a Clinical Director, heading an independent CAMHS and a multidisciplinary court assessment team, as well as in private practice. She is consulting and supervising both in the UK and abroad, and is a lecturer at the Tavistock Clinic in London. She was born in SFRJ before moving to the UK in 1988. 

Dr Marija Stojković is a psychiatrist and child and adolescent psychoanalytical psychotherapist, and parent-infant psychotherapist. After specializing in psychiatry in Belgrade, she continued her education in London at the Tavistock Clinic and Anna Freud Centre. In 2004 she qualified as child and adolescent psychotherapist, and in 2016 as parent-infant psychotherapist. She worked as a consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist at NHS, where she also supervised candidates in child and adolescent psychotherapy. For the past twenty years, she lectured at various institutes at the UK, such as the Tavistock Clinic, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at the Essex University, and Anna Freud Centre. She was baby observation seminar leader at Anna Freud Centre, as well as at the AGIP (Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy). At Anna Freud Centre she was also an observation module lead in two MA programmes until 2017. She is currently a lecturer and supervisor at UDAPS in Belgrade and a visiting lecturer at the Tavistock Clinic and Anna Freud Centre. She is a member of the Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP) in the UK. 


The participants of the Baby Observation program are required to attend the seminars on the teachings of Melanie Klein and Donald W. Winnicott:

Baby Observation Seminar + Klein + Winnicott = 15 EUR per session per person 

In total = 900 EUR per academic year